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What people are saying about their experience using our laser services.

I had a very stubborn tattoo that 2 other laser removal places could not remove after years of laser treatment. I came here and while it still took a few sessions, the picosure laser was able to immediately start fading the tattoo. Again, this is after other places (multiple lasers and multiple locations) had completely failed. Pay a bit more for the picosure right away, you won’t be disappointed. Good and friendly staff too.

– Jason V.

I get really bad shave rashes on my under arms so I did my research and went to consult at three different places and Total Body Jody was most definitely the winner. They listen to your problems and are very professional. They easily work around your schedule. If you are thinking about any laser hair removal Jody is the best!

– De Anna S.

I had stubborn tattoos that couldn’t be lifted from traditional lasers. I now have had my second session with total body laser skin care, and my tattoos are gone. Don’t waste time or money anywhere else. They have amazing knowledgeable staff and and many different services available.

– Kari M.

Tina was kind and amazing. She gave me honest answers on my questions. She was very helpful on everything I asked her and open to answering all my questions. She went beyond my expectations during my visit today.

– Matt I.

Tina is absolutely amazing. I have gone in about 5 or 6 times now, and she will remember what happened in the previous treatments. I am getting my leg hair removed and whenever it hurts real bad (basically first 2 treatments), she would turn down the intensity. She always makes sure I am comfortable, and bonus points when we get in a conversation to get my mind off the pain. My only regret is I should’ve done this sooner in my life!

– Alice

I’d give 6 stars if there was an option to. Tina is great. Always sweet and attentive. I’ve been a client of Total Body Laser for a few years now and I have always been treated very well and have had good results from the treatments. Highly recommend.

– Susan

I had my second appointment for laser tattoo removal with Tina and she is excellent. She’s professional, the suite is beautiful and very clean. I would recommend her to all !

– Jessica H.

This is one of the best things that I have ever had done! I smile every time I get into the shower and don’t have to shave! I am also happy for those extra few minutes of sleep in the morning… every little bit counts. I HIGHLY recommend Total Body! Tina is very friendly and professional. She does an awesome job at explaining everything.

My only regret is that I should have had this done YEARS ago! If you are thinking about laser hair removal, don’t hesitate, you’ll be so happy with the results!! Thanks Total Body!!!.

– Katie D.

I love this place! I’ve been going there to get a tattoo removed on my hand. I went to numerous tattoo removal specialists and I went with total body laser because of the very friendly and helpful staff, reasonable ( cheapest) prices and best tattoo removal lasers. I’ve had a few treatments now , the treatments are quick and aftercare is very minimal. No scarring or burning like others “ claim” to have. I wish I could post the pictures of my before treatment tattoo and how it looks now because the change is remarkable! I would highly recommend this location ! Make it easy on yourself and start here when shopping around for locations to get your tattoo removed , I wish I would have. There are so many other services they offer as well , next I think I’ll be doing the float pool and laser hair removal.

– Lacy P

I was shopping around for tattoo removal and total body was the best price I found. Not only was it the best price, they also have the best laser. I did my research lol. Tina who does the removal is super nice and the office is clean and accommodating. Highly recommend for tattoo removal, my half sleeve is just about gone.

– Paul S.

Total Body Laser Skin Care offers the highest quality treatments in the Midwest. I should know… my family and I travel several hours each way for care. In reading the last two reviews, it looks as if there’s unwarranted malice from an ex-employee. It’s unfortunate when someone with a grudge can bash a good company, but it happens every day. Everyone I’ve dealt with at Total Body Laser Skin Care has been diligent, ethical and caring. I wouldn’t hesitate to call upon the professionals in any of this company’s locations — and I’ve been to more than one. I’ve always felt confident that we’re in excellent hands all the way around… and the results are spectacular!

– Wendy G.

I highly recommend going to Total Body and working with Tina. She is very informative and thorough no matter what procedure you are working with her on. I have been very pleased with my results and have tried several of their services.

– Angelia S.

Total Body Laser Skin Care is AWESOME!! I have had multiple procedures done here over the last three years; tattoo removal, sun spot removal, laser treatments for skin and the float in Madison. ALL have worked tremendously for me. I am a customer for life! Stacy and Tina are amazing at what they do, I’m so happy I found this place! Highly recommend!/blockquote>

– Mandy P.